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4, May, 2017

Maintaining good oral health is an important part of your day-to-day life. Dental health not only attacks your mouth but also affects your overall health. Your dentist is the right person who can give you tips on how to stay protected from different oral diseases and have a great dental health. This blog discusses about 5 surprising oral tips dentists would like to give you for a healthy mouth.

  • Healthy smile is more important than “perfect” smile – Your smile makes us look attractive and unique from others. If everyone has the similar set of teeth, then life would be dull and boring. Well, the most essential thing about smile is that it is healthy to last for a lifetime.

    Your dentist might ask, “What you love the most about your smile” or “Is there anything you want to change about it” at the first visit. He/she will inform you about your oral health condition and provide with different options available to give you the perfect look.
  • Most important dental care is done at home – The best dental care can usually be done at home. But, you should see a dentist for through checkup and cleaning once every 6 months.

    Tooth decay is one of the common diseases in the present world.  Though other factors such as genetics and some medical conditions may lead to cavities and decay, the most common risk factor for developing cavities is lack of proper dental care at home. The most suitable dental tips to maintain good dental hygiene at home by brushing twice a day and flossing at least once. This will help you keep your teeth and smile strong and bright.
  • Maintain properly aligned than “perfectly straight” teeth – Though braces and other orthodontic treatments often lead to straight and evenly shaped teeth, the most important result is that you can have properly aligned bite.

    Some signs that indicate the need for orthodontic treatment are difficulty in biting or chewing, clenching or grinding, crowding or extra spacing between the teeth, headaches, or protruding teeth.  At times, shifting the teeth may be a sign of periodontal or gum disease.
  • Dentists take care of your gum problems – Yes, your dental surgeon may poke around the gum line during routine checkups. If you are experiencing some tenderness or bleeding, he/she might ask about your medical record or flossing habits.
    Some risk factors for gum disease include – your age, certain medical conditions, history of smoking. Visit a good dentist in case you have gum disease and get the treatment done on time for a healthy mouth.
  • Your friends will not allow you to over-whiten teeth – Having whiter and brighter teeth are a great way to improve your smile and personality. In-office and at-home teeth whitening are two common ways to transform your smile and look more confident.

    Over-bleaching may be the reason for gum irritation, extreme sensitivity and soft-tissue chemical burns. It might wear out the protective tooth enamel thus, making it more susceptible to damage and decay. In-office tooth whitening will not last for a long time and so, the sessions need to be repeated often.

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