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25, Jan, 2019

Vacations are meant to be relaxed – both physically and mentally. When you’re on a vacation, it is natural that your routine for oral hygiene goes out of control. Having said that, a renowned oral healthcare specialist suggests some simple tips to help you retain your confident smile during a relaxing vacation.

Include your dental equipment while packing for the vacation. Depending on the place you’re travelling to, it may be difficult to get your dental supplies. Even if you get them, they may cost more. In order to avoid these complexities, it is suggested that you carry your supplies with you.


Obviously, your toothbrush and regular toothpaste are the first and foremost items to include in the list. However, it is important to mention here that leaving the toothpaste behind in the excitement for the immediately commencing vacation is a common forgetfulness.

In addition to the toothbrush and the paste, you must also carry your mouthwash and floss. Your regular mouthwash and floss may prove more difficult to shop in an alien country. So, you just can’t afford to leave them behind. If you are used to applying sunscreen to your lips, you must carry this item along.


Keeping the toothbrush clean and dry often proves a challenge during vacations. At home, you just leave the brush to get dried on its own between brushing. This may not always be possible while you’re staying away from your home. You can carry it in a plastic bag, if it is wet at the time of packing, but it has to be exposed to open air to get dried as soon as you reach the destination. Get a cover for your brush to keep it clean and separate.


Make sure you follow your routine oral hygiene every day while you’re on vacation. Any breach in it may extract a heavy toll on your gums and the teeth in near future. Do not deviate away from routine and brushing of your teeth. A renowned dental hygienist in Wimbledon suggests to carry your oral healthcare provider’s contact details with you on vacation. You never know, when you may need to consult him on some issue or the other related to your mouth.

Last but never the least, you must watch what you eat on a vacation. Avoid sugary foods and drinks as much as possible. Drink sufficient water to keep the mouth hydrated throughout the day. Follow these tips to maintain a sound dental hygiene while enjoying a memorable vacation.