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Dentures in Wimbledon

Dentures in Wimbledon

Dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth. They may be partial (replacing some teeth), or complete (replacing all teeth). Partial dentures are usually made of a metal framework with artificial teeth attached. Complete dentures usually have an acrylic plate supporting the artificial teeth.

Some dentures are fitted immediately after teeth have been removed. In this case, the gums will shrink and it may be necessary to have a new set of dentures about six months later .

Many visits to the dentist will be required during the process of making the dentures. During this time, X-rays may be taken to assess the health of your mouth, and impressions of your existing teeth, the prepared teeth and the opposite jaw.

During this process, further impressions of your mouth may be made, and a special accurate one, which will form the template of your dentures. A wax bite block will then be produced to measure your bite and at that stage, we can make sure that the appearance of the wax version of your dentures and your bite is correct. Once all this is done and you have received your dentures, we will then fine tune them and make any adjustments as necessary, to ensure they fit perfectly.

We will then sit down with you and give you any advice, information and tips on wearing and caring for your dentures, and invite you back at regular intervals to ensure they are working well, and to make any further adjustments necessary.