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Teeth Whitening in Wimbledon

Effective teeth whitening treatments now available in Wimbledon

At our modern dental practice we offer safe and effective teeth whitening in Wimbledon.

  • We offer only the most effective treatments from leading brands that are internationally recognised.
  • One of the procedures offered in our suite is the Philip Zoom teeth whitening treatment, which is available in both chair-side and home-kit form.

We welcome patients from all areas, and frequently patients from neighbouring areas come to our Wimbledon dentist clinic for their teeth whitening. Patients from Kingston and Richmond are some of those who have chosen us as their trusted dentist.

Teeth Whitening in Wimbledon

Safe and painless procedures

Fast results Fast results

Our teeth whitening services are safe and will not harm your teeth, used according to your dentists’ instructions. They are suitable even for those with extra sensitive teeth. The procedures offered to our patients are completely painless and promise to whiten teeth by several shades in a short period of time.

Chair-side teeth whitening Chair-side teeth whitening

Our chair-side treatment involves gentle bleaching of your teeth with a hydrogen peroxide gel. Applied by our dentists, the soft tissue of your oral cavity is protected, and the pigment particles on your teeth are removed effectively. The procedure takes less than an hour, although longer treatments for ultimate results are available. The chair-side treatment is particularly recommended for the ultimate in a dazzling white smile.

Home-kit Treatments Home-kit Treatments

In contrast to the chair-side treatment, home-kit teeth whitening takes 2-4 weeks to complete, but offers a long lasting bright smile. Initially, an impression of your teeth is taken in order to construct your custom-fit trays. When the trays are ready you will be contacted and will be briefed on how to carry out the treatment. The wearing of the trays will be necessary for up to 8 hours a day for two to four weeks. In your consultation session, a personalised treatment plan will be constructed, which will include recommendations on the duration of your procedure based on your goals and the general health of your teeth and gums. You may use both chair-side and home-kit treatments in combination to achieve the brightest of smiles.