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Introducing our Dental Hygienist Service in Wimbledon 
At Confidental Dental Clinic one of the most valuable services in our practice is the work done by our dental hygienists. Their role is to help every one of their patients to get their teeth as healthy as possible and keep them that way. Through their work they support the dentists of the practice, as well as working independently.
Chair-side teeth whitening
Convenient Location and Hours 
We have evening clinics and a convenient location close to South Wimbledon tube station. Our modern surgery is state of the art and so are the treatments we offer.
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Direct Access
Even for those with no dental problems, a regular cleaning and flossing regime is always going to be an essential part of everyday life. You can book directly to see our hygienist as well, through Open Access that will let you book an appointment directly with one of our team of hygienists at a time to suit you.
Fast results
A Great Future for Your Gums
Hygienists are all about preventing dental problems. By carefully removing the hard deposits of tartar that builds up on the teeth and can affect your gums, they will give your gums the best chance of a long life!
Chair-side teeth whitening
Bright Futures and Dazzling Smiles
A dental hygienist may also want to talk to you about what you are putting in your mouth and give tips on managing your diet to make it tooth and gum friendly. He or she will also help you devise a good routine for caring for your teeth and will have advise for you on which toothbrush to choose and how to use it to best effect. With regular visits to your hygienist you will give yourself the best chance of a preventive any trouble for your gum and teeth.