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4, Sep, 2017

Do you know that cancer can occur even in your mouth? Well, this kind of disease can have an effect on your cheeks, tongue, lips and throat. In other words, mouth cancer is amongst the least popular cancers with a higher death rate like cervical cancer, skin melanoma or breast cancer. You may talk to your dental surgeon and perform necessary tests to detect if you are suffering from this disease. Make sure you are aware about the risks and symptoms of this disease in order to prevent it in future.

Some reasons behind mouth cancer

There are usually two causes behind this disease and these include – too much smoking and drinking lots of alcohol. You should know that alcohol and cigarettes are carcinogenic that can cause abnormal cells and thus, cancer. Although you might not be aware about the exact cause behind this disease, the fact is chained smokers and drinkers are at higher risk to become a patient of this disease.

Risk factors associated with the disease

Do you have the habit of chewing tobacco products? If yes, then you are at high risk of developing cancer in your mouth. This is because when you chew tobacco, they not only cause harm to your body but also your mouth. Your diet is another important factor that should be considered to avoid this disease. If you take a poor diet, this can also be the reason for mouth cancer. Besides, if you do not brush and floss properly, this will cause tooth decay and gum disease which, in turn, can lead to mouth cancer.

Human papilloma virus (HPV)

HPV is amongst the viruses that can have an effect on the moist membranes in your body like throat, cervix and your skin. These viruses are usually passed due to skin to skin contact. Though this is not a major risk factor, there are some kinds of HPV that can lead to abnormal tissue growth within your mouth. This is another reason for mouth cancer.

How mouth cancer can spread further

When mouth cancer spreads, it is extremely dangerous for your entire body. This might occur when cancer gets spread physically from small abnormal cells in your mouth into the surrounding tissues in the jaw. The lymphatic system consists of a series of glands in human body that provides the needed protection to fight against infection. Once mouth cancer spreads to other parts of your body, it is called ‘metastic.’

How to avoid mouth cancer

Some ways how you can lessen the risk of this disease include:

  • Say no to cigarettes to maintain good health
  • Reduce the intake of alcohol and avoid too much drinking
  • Take a well-balanced and healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Brush and floss daily to maintain good oral hygiene
  • See your dentist for routine checkups to detect oral problems at an early stage

You may feel free to contact dentist at Confidental Dental Clinic in Wimbledon in case you require further information related to mouth cancer. This will help you avoid this sevrious disease and maintain a healthy mouth.