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19, Feb, 2018

Mouthguards are plastic devices that are thick, protective and shaped like dental trays. They take up the shape of your mouth, gums and teeth. The mouthguard form an obstruction between upper and lower teeth to prevent from getting crashed at the time of impact and protecting teeth from being hit by a ball, stick or puck.

Luckily, most sports team suggests wearing mouthguards that are used by the athletes, but in cases where they are not needed, it is still recommended to be worn all the time while playing high impact sports.


There are three kinds of mouthguards particularly made to be worn while playing sports. It varies in terms of protection, comfort level and price by allowing you to choose the right one for your need.

  • Stock mouthguards – They are an inexpensive option, however least protective. They are usually pre-formed and ready to be used from the package itself. These can be purchased at sporting stores depending on the brand you prefer and if or not it is flavoured.  They are available in different flavours such as bubblegum and fruit punch.
  • Boil and bite mouthguards – Boil and bite mouthguards are common mouthguards that are inexpensive and can be purchased at sporting good stores. They allow you to have a closer fit to the wearer’s mouth. They are placed in the boiling water for a certain time till they are flexible, and put into place in the mouth until it gets cooled. The soft plastic forms to the mouth and teeth and becomes hard in place, thus creating a customised fit that should stay in proper place with slight pressure required from the jaws.
  • Custom-fit mouthguards – These are the only mouthguards that are made at the dentist’s office. New customised mouthguards are the suitable option for the most favorable comfort, durability and protection. These mouthguards are professionally fitted to each individual mouth by a dentist and, as a result, can vary in price based on the need of the wearer.

Several factors need to be considered when choosing a mouthguard for your kid which include – the level of impact involved in the sport, the protection, comfort, the materials being used and the expense for it. It is always a wise decision to talk to your dentist in Wimbledon about all possible options as he can help you in selecting the right one for your specific need.