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19, Sep, 2017

Do you know that the dentists and oral care experts at Confidental Dental Clinic spend their valuable time in fixing various dental problems that have arisen due to improper care of teeth and mouth? Well, dental cavities, tooth decay and periodontal disease are just a few issues that have been addressed and the surgeons at Wimbledon Dental Practice are dealing with each of them regularly. All of these oral problems can lead to long lasting effect on the dental; health of people who are suffering from any of them.

In this regard, preventative dentistry has gained immense popularity fort preventing this type of problem before they might even take place. This will include some tips given by the dentist on oral health care to prevent any kind of dental disease.

  • Brushing twice a day – Want to have healthy and strong teeth and gums? Do you know the most important thing is to brush two times in a day to prevent the attack of bacteria and formation of plague? In case you fail to do it, you will not have bad impact immediately but it might lead to several problems in future. It is advised to change toothbrush every two to three months as the bristles begin to fray with time.
  • Go for routine checkups – It is extremely important to see a dentist once every 6 months to ensure you do not suffer from oral problems. If you are developing some kind of dental disease, chances are it will get cured when detected at an early stage. Even though you might be thinking that everything is okay, it is a smart decision to treat the problem early until you suffer from tremendous pain and discomfort. This can actually create a big difference between performing a filling for 5 minutes and getting a tooth extracted.
  • Eat well-balanced diet – You will have to say no to sugary food items and acidic drinks that are not at all good for your dental health and overall health condition. Make sure you include a well-balanced diet that has lots of vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins for maintaining sound oral hygiene. Drink lots of water to prevent bad smell from your mouth.
  • Try to prevent serious oral problems – You must be aware that poor oral health can be the reason for several mouth diseases. Diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer and respiratory disease are all associated with an unhealthy mouth. This is because bacteria builds up in your mouth and can enter the bloodstream and thus, end up in different parts of your body.

If you are already conceiving, it is very important to know about preventative dentistry as bad dental health and hygiene is linked to premature and low weight baby birth. Make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly and visit the dental practice many times at the time of pregnancy.

Want to know more about preventative dentistry treatment? You may visit Confidental Dental Clinic where our experts will check your mouth properly and then suggest effective tips for a clean and healthy mouth during pregnancy.