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12, Oct, 2017

People, with chipped, decayed or discoloured teeth are prone to avoid smiling or being in pictures. If you too belong in this category, then it’s high time to go for a smile makeover treatment. The treatment is a specialised branch of cosmetic dentistry and can do wonders to both your life and personality. As such, an increasing number of people in London are having this modern oral cosmetic therapy and leading a better social, professional and personal life.

The treatment tools

The comprehensive solutions in smile makeover in Wimbledon involve using veneers, tooth implants, composite bonding and tooth whitening gels. However, only a qualified dental expert can decide the ideal treatment plan for you. For this, you need to undergo a thorough oral check-up by the professional. If there is extensive damage to your teeth, you may be prescribed a full mouth makeover. This treatment plan is obviously more extensive and requires more time than a simple smile makeover.

Factors to consider

Before designing the right smile makeover treatment for you, the expert has to take a number of factors into consideration. These include:

  • The natural appearance of your face
  • The colour of your hair and skin
  • The length, width and colour of the teeth
  • The shape of your lips

Customised approach

In addition to the factors mentioned above, the expert also studies your gums to further reduce the error margins in your treatment. Based on the outcome of all these points, cosmetic dentistry experts carefully craft exclusive treatment plans to cater to your unique needs. Moreover, before commencing their task, they will ask you the points that you like and dislike about your smile. Based on the answers you provide, they will design a more improved smile for you over course of time.  

A smile makeover treatment normally affects certain parts of your mouth. One of these is your teeth. Certain natural characteristics of your teeth are changed through this treatment procedure. As a result, the molars receive an improved appearance. The stains on the teeth can be removed using whiteners. If there are fillings in your teeth, they can also be replaced with restorations made from composite materials. However, in order to achieve all these improvements for your teeth, you can do some Google using search strings like “dentist near me”.

All-round benefits

Your stained or discoloured set of molars either reveals your advanced age or tells about the unhealthy lifestyle you follow. With a perfect smile makeover treatment, you can manage to appear attractive and younger than your actual age. Apart from that, it can also boost your oral health. A chipped tooth can scar the inner mouth and your decayed teeth are always a potential oral health hazard. A smile makeover therapy can resolve all these issues well in advance.

Considering all these factors, undergoing a smile makeover treatment is actually an excellent investment option you can make to improve both your aesthetics and dental health quotient.