Root Canal Therapy
  March 29, 2018

Root Canal Therapy: The Best Way to Save Your Decayed Tooth

Tooth decay and Abscesses are common dental problem and it is widely notorious for being painful. RCT or root canal treatment becomes necessary when the problem of tooth decay reaches the inner dentin layer, where all the nerves reside. There are many experts in London, well-skilled in restorative dentistry, to relieve you from the pain and suffering that pops from this oral health issue.

Root canal therapy is grossly invasive but modern dentistry has been able to minimise the sensation of pain to make it easily bearable.

The clinical procedure

  • The clinical procedure involved in the treatment is simple. A tiny hole is drilled into your tooth to the pulp layer inside. The affected pulp, the deposited puss and the entire network of nerve tissue is extracted through that hole. As the last part of the treatment, the tooth is refilled. In many cases, an artificial crown is installed on the affected tooth after RCT.
  • You’ll have to follow specific instructions related to brushing and flossing for the next few days to protect the treated tooth.
  • Your dentist may even prescribe you an antimicrobial mouth rinse to fasten up the healing procedure inside the mouth.

Possible Complications

You may experience severe pain and discomfort following the treatment, then it is an indication that the root canal treatment is failing. In such unfortunate developments you shouldn’t waste time before going back to your oral health expert. If you report back your problem promptly, there’s a chance to save your tooth. Typical problems that are reported in such cases include the following:

  • Severe pain and sensitivity of the treated tooth
  • Swelling of the soft tissues surrounding it
  • Mild fever
  • Inflammation
  • Experiencing a dental shift while biting

As a matter of fact, these complexities arise rarely. In such cases, patients are usually charged with normal pain-killers that are widely available over the counter at the pharmacies. Proper measures are taken after the medicines start their effect and bring down the fever and the swelling at the treatment site. Confidential Dental Clinic is a reputed destination in London for successful root canal treatments. Some of the skilled dentists in Wimbledon are associated with this clinic, which is located on Merton High Street. On weekdays, the clinic operates from 9 to 7, whereas on Saturdays, the timing is from 9 to 2. This dental office offers a wide range of treatments in a warm, friendly environment using the cutting-edge technology at a price that easily suits your pocket.

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