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17, Jan, 2018

Are you excited and at the same time, worried about the thought of wearing braces for a straighter smile? While it is good that you have decided to regain your beautiful smile, you are extremely tensed about the cost related to wearing braces and other cosmetic dentistry treatments. There is good news for everyone; braces are an affordable option for the ones who want to go for teeth straightening. If you are thinking about braces, this will depend on the severity of malocclusion, your overall appearance and estimated budget. Read on to know about some common kinds of braces, as suggested by the local orthodontists.

  • Metal braces – These braces consist of metal brackets together with wires to shift teeth into the new position. The orthodontist will provide rubber bands to be placed on the brackets at particular locations for influencing your teeth movement. An advantage of wearing these traditional braces is that you do not have to wear them if you have misaligned teeth. If you are looking for inexpensive metal braces, they are a good option for your need.
  • Ceramic braces – These braces are made of tooth-colored ceramic that makes them less noticeable and are considered similar to metal braces. However, children and teenagers like the concept of wearing colorful braces such as neon pink and blue. The brackets are attached to rubber bands and wires, like traditional metal braces. They are a common choice for children and teens who have moderate to severe malocclusion problems and are worried to improve their appearance.
  • Clear "Damon" braces – Another option for the people who want to wear braces are Damon braces. They consist of brackets that fit onto the front surface of the teeth, however the brackets are made from clear plastic and hardly visible unless someone sees directly into your mouth. They are attached to each other with wires, but wired together differently when compared to traditional braces. The wire that connects the slides through the brackets, tightens itself over time as your teeth begins to move.
  • Invisalign – If you are searching for "orthodontist near me," you will come across several dental practitioners who offer clear plastic aligners. These aligners have gained immense popularity as they are almost invisible when worn by the wearer. Though they are not considered to be affordable braces, they are not that costly as most patients assume. Most patients get their teeth straightened with Invisalign within an affordable rate which is quite similar to the treatment cost with traditional braces. You need to wear the invisible braces for at least 20-22 hours in a day to solve your dental problems.

You may contact SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic at Wimbledon where the dental experts can help in choosing the right kind of braces for your oral problems. There are no ideal braces for anyone, however your dentist can give suggestion on the right option that will enable you to get the most desired result within a short time.