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14, Feb, 2019

Prevention was the main criteria for the new NHS 10 Year plan. After having a hot discussion for several years, it has been found that the Westminster Government's actual spend per person on the NHS dentistry has tumbled from £40.95 to £36 in the last five years. Read on to find out more about the NHS 10 Year Plan.

  • Prevention – Tooth decay is one of the main reasons for young children to get admitted to the hospital. England has a huge number of oral concerns and so, it is difficult to oppose with stated intentions behind the Starting Well programme of the government. Yet, it is still not possible to make schemes despite the local authorities having claimed of "supporting 24,000 dentists across England to see more children from a young age to form good oral health habits".
  • Primary care – The NHS 10 year plan is like an initial approach for primary care. According to the NHS dentist in Wimbledon, oral health is mentioned in the context of other key priorities. However, despite a realistic opportunity to a 'prevention focused' GDS contract, there has been no effort in applying the Plan's rhetoric directly for primary care dentistry. If you want to preserve the quality, access and give colleagues proper time to care, then GDPs cannot be provided with second class status for priority or funding.
  • Oral cancer – After several years of campaigning on HPV or the human papilloma virus vaccine, we have secured a roll out for boys in the age group of 12 to 13 years. As HPV is the cause for oropharyngeal cancers, there has been an increase in such incidents in recent years. Hence, it is our responsibility to give more attention on such limitations.
  • Vulnerable patients – There have been commitments to ensure that children admitted in special residential schools and with learning difficulties can get proper dental check-ups as well as hearing and eye-sight tests. In the same way, care home residents should be supported so that they can maintain a good oral health as a part of the funded rollout of Enhanced Health in Care Homes plan.
  • Workforce – The document evidently failed to address on the workforce related issues, mounting recruitment and retention problems in the field of dentistry. According to the surveys conducted, it has been found that 65% of practices who have already tried recruitment in the year 2017 are experiencing difficulties in filling up the vacancies. But there has been no effective solution provided for the open season on practice closures.

When it is about improving your oral health and hygiene, prevention is always the ultimate key. Tooth decay can be avoided easily by campaigning for the Government to take this issue seriously. Thus, you need to act right now and make an investment in the real prevention. You may visit the Confidental Dental Clinic where the NHS dentists can help you find out more details about the NHS 10 Year Plan.