Improve your confident smile
  April 8, 2017

Improve your image with a New and Confident Smile

How often do you smile? Did you smile today? You should smile as much as possible. Your smile is the first thing a person notices when they meet you for the first time. It is a great tool for your social life and also very important for your professional life too. Many adults would say they suffer from an unattractive smile and this turns can have its drawbacks when it comes to their social and work life. You can see a good dentist in Wimbledon to correct your oral complications and get the smile that matches with your style.

Tips to Boost your Smile

Many people admit that they brush their teeth only once a day while others confess that they forget to brush daily. This is actually bad news for your oral health. It is important to keep your teeth clean and healthy by maintaining good oral hygiene. Only then will you be able to keep a nice bright smile on your face and boost your confidence. You should brush twice a day with Fluoride toothpaste, floss daily or use intraoral brushes for removing food particles in between the teeth. It is also advised to use a mouthwash for keeping your mouth fresh and clean. Schedule appointments with a good dental hygienist for a scale & polish and go for routine checkups to prevent any kind of oral disease. Smile makeover will enable you develop an improved personality and make new friends. 

Tips to Stay Young and Healthy

Alcohol and cigarettes can damage the sensitive skin on your lips and make it look cracked and dry. Besides the yellowing effect that cigarettes can have on your fingers they also lead to stains and damaged teeth.

Tips to Keep your Teeth Whiter and Brighter

Teeth whitening would give you a glowing smile by keeping your precious gems brighter and whiter. The treatment can be done at home with home whitening kits that provides you with the ability to control the colour of your teeth. The longer you keep the trays in, the whiter your teeth will appear. This means you will be able to brighten the shade of your teeth according to your preference.

Tips to Improve Confidence with Straighter Teeth

Nothing is more attractive than confidence. If you have chipped or crooked teeth, it can lead to being less confident in your appearance and find it difficult to smile or laugh in public. With teeth straightening treatment, you can straighten your smile within six months. This gives you a more attractive look and helps you improve your confidence. But, if you are worried about wearing invisible clear braces, there are ceramic and ‘hidden’ braces available that will fit at the back of your teeth and are invisible from outside.

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