Higher Level of Oral Hygiene for Diabetics
  April 20, 2018

Importance of Higher Level of Oral Hygiene for Diabetics

Diabetes is a chronic health condition, often referred to as the silent killer. Over time, it can affect the internal mechanisms of the body, leading to system failure or failure of the internal organs. The disease triggers the inability of a body to produce insulin. Some people are unfortunately born with this problem, whereas the majority of blood sugar patients develop this illness at one stage of life or the other. The first category of patients suffer from Type 1 diabetes, whereas the second category Type 2.

Oral health issues for diabetes patients

According to oral healthcare experts in London, irrespective of the type of diabetes you suffer from, the chronic disease puts you at higher risk of suffering from various dental issues. Diabetics are found to be more prone than non-diabetics in developing mouth-related problems like:

  • Gingivitis
  • Dry mouth
  • Thrush or oral fungal infection
  • Periodontitis
  • Slow healing of the tissues

Modern dentistry in diabetes detection and diagnosis

These days, modern dentistry has made sufficient improvement. This enables oral health experts detect the dental conditions that are associated with blood sugar easily and alert the patients about the lethal disease. In other words, this helps detection and treatment of the chronic disease easier. It is relevant to mention in this context, near about 1/3rd of diabetic patients all over the globe are yet to be diagnosed with the disease.

Blood sugar and dentgal health

There is a strong relation between diabetes and dental health, according to a topnotch dentist in Wimbledon Park, which is alarming. Whenever you suffer from any infection, your body increases the production of cytokines protein. Blood sugar affects the natural healing ability of your body. Thus, even if your body goes on producing more cytokines, your wounds or infections don’t get healed. This is how diabetics are prone to chronic gum diseases and are at higher risk to suffer from teeth loss.

Thus, people suffering from or detected with blood sugar should take additional care of their teeth and the gums. They’ve to maintain a higher level of oral hygiene as compared to others to keep away gum diseases and tooth decay.

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