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29, Mar, 2017

Parents look forward to seek the most authentic and helpful oral advice when it comes to their child’s teeth. Every parent in Wimbledon searches for the best children dentistry treatment for their child. One of their biggest concerns is to have a friendly and dedicated dentist to take care of the child’s teeth and gums. Keeping this in mind, we have listed some of the important tips you need to follow as a parent.

  • Start before the period of teething

    Don’t wait for your child’s teeth to come in. Start cleaning his/her mouth even before teething. You should wipe off the gums after every feeding using a warm, wet and soft cloth. You can also use a dampened gauze around your finger, soft rubbery cap-like device to rub excess food off.
  • Take proper while teething

    When you see you baby’s teeth coming in, make sure you take proper care right from that moment. Several parents believe that milk teeth of the baby are not important as they are replaced by the permanent counterparts. However, if you ask this to an experienced dentist, he/she will suggest you to take more care of baby teeth to preserve the right spacing for the permanent teeth. On ignoring a child’s oral health, it can lead to decay, gum infection and affect teeth spacing.
  • Protect them from cavities

    The initial symptoms of cavities in baby teeth are slight pitting and discolouration. To avoid these signs, make sure you don’t take your baby to sleep with a milk bottle in mouth. Milk and juice can cause tooth cavities putting your baby’s oral health at risk. If you notice that your baby is not feeding, remove the bottle.
  • Water after meals and brushing

    Baby teeth can be cleaned with just a single drink of water after each meal. It washes off the food remains from the teeth easily. You wouldn’t need a toothbrush when only a significant number of teeth have come in and your child is only on table foods. However, on seeking advice from an children dentistry expert at a dental practice in Wimbledon, you will be asked to clean your teeth of your 18 months old baby using a thimble-like cleaner. Ensure you do this, when your child has eaten sticky, sugary foods. When you little one is two years old, start brushing his/her teeth using a small amount of fluoride toothpaste twice a day. 
  • Manage fluoride intake

    Like you, your baby’s teeth also need fluoride to prevent tooth decay. Even though you don’t use fluoride toothpaste, make sure he gets the required amount of fluoride from other resources like tap water. If you want to know some more supplements of fluoride form an oral professional, search for “dentist nearby Wimbledon” online and book an appointment with a skilled and experienced child oral health expert.

Your baby’s first dental checkup should be at age 1 or when you see the first tooth appearing. You can book an appointment at Confidental Dental Clinic for your baby’s good oral health. By taking proper care of the first set of baby teeth, you can build a strong foundation of good dental habits for future.