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11, May, 2017

Smoking causes lung cancer which is linked to cardio-pulmonary problems. This may lead to coughing and even worsen the symptoms of asthma. Various reasons are there why smoking is said to affect teeth and take a toll on your beautiful smile. Let’s know how you can overcome this problem and have a better dental hygiene.

  • Tooth discoloration – If you are having yellow or stained teeth, it is an obvious sign of a smoker. The chemicals present in tobacco stick to the teeth enamel which cause them to get stained over time. With teeth whitening, you can get rid of tooth discoloration. But if you do not quit smoking, it is not possible to stop it completely.
  • Bad breath – If you have been smoking since a long time, this can lead to bad breath problem. It is advised to brush more than twice or gargle with a mouthwash to overcome the smell due to gum disease, tooth decay or oral sores. The best possible way is to say no to cigarettes and see a dentist in Wimbledon who will address the issues you might be facing.
  • Gum disease – According to dental care experts, smokers are highly susceptible to gum disease than non-smokers. The risks increase with each cigarette you smoke and the treatment for gum disease will not work well on smokers. This is because when you smoke, it reduces the ability of your mouth to fight away bacteria that builds up on the teeth and makes its way to gums. If it is left untreated, the gums can cause bone structures to weaken further.
  • Oral cancer – Smoking causes oral cancer and the risks increases when it is done with excess drinking. The disease starts in the form of a red or white path inside the mouth along with difficulty chewing or swallowing, pain in the ear and numbness in the jaw. Though there can be other causes for these symptoms, anyone who has any of them for more than two weeks should visit a doctor. The earlier your cancer gets detected, the more effective the treatment will be.

Your dentist will create a suitable treatment plan to help lessen the problems associated with smoking. The only way to solve this issue is to say goodbye to cigarettes once and for all. By saying no to cigarettes, you will have a happy and healthier life for long.