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Guideline To Choose A Cosmetic Dentist

25, May, 2016

Cosmetic dentistry is now a very popular area of treatment with people seeking cosmetic solutions in dentistry to improve their smiles. We thought that we would give you this guide on how to choose a cosmetic dentist.

It is important that if you are going to undergo any cosmetic dentistry procedure, that you feel confident with the dentist that you are entrusting your smile to. As a trusted cosmetic dentist in Wimbledon we have put together ten pointers that will help you to choose a dentist to carry out the treatment you need to improve your smile. Here are the ten things you need to be sure of before you undertake treatment.

Make sure that:

  • Your dentist listens to your description of how you would like your teeth to look
  • Answers any questions you ask in an easy to understand way
  • Is transparent and realistic about what they can offer
  • Discusses fully any treatments they are recommending
  • Advises you on which treatment will be best for your aesthetic goals
  • Explains why the recommended treatment would be best for you
  • Is knowledgeable about all current treatments
  • Is able to say how long your treatment should take
  • Offers a written treatment plan and a pricing structure to help you decide
  • Tells you for how long any specific treatment is guaranteed and how to make sure that your guarantee remains valid

Training and education

Although all dentists are qualified it is quite important that any dentist that you trust to undertake cosmetic treatment has had additional training in the areas in which he practices. He or she should also be attending on-going education in the form of seminars and workshops. Do not be afraid to ask about this side of their continuing education. Being able to show that he or she is adding to their knowledge all the time in order to keep their knowledge up to date is important. You could also check that he or she is a member of the (BACD) - British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Modern technology

It is also important that anyone to whom you entrust the treatment of your teeth is using the most up to date technology in their surgery. This includes things like computers, intra oral cameras, imaging and laser. These are all the signs of a progressive clinic and forward thinking professionals. Check out the website too to make sure that it is informative and gives full information of all aspects of the staff and the clinic and the treatments that are offered.

As well as these points a good cosmetic dentist should also be promoting the laboratory that produces their veneers and crowns and should also be offering a full explanation of how any treatment will affect the overall look of your face as well as the way that you bite and the impact on your gums. You should also check out any payment plans that you might want to take advantage of. And don’t go for the cheapest, because when it comes to cosmetic dentistry you will get what you pay for.