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22, Jun, 2018

Parents in the 21st century have to work very hard to balance their lives and those of their children. There has to be sufficient time every day for both work and play. It is equally important to set aside time to teach youngsters about oral hygiene.
A renowned oral healthcare expert in London offers the following tips to make your task easier.

  • Beware of so-called ‘healthy’ fruit juices and drinks: Most parents will try to steer children away from sodas and cola drinks and may instead give fruit juices and health drinks. Unfortunately, these commercial products are as packed with sugar as fizzy pop. Far better to choose plain drinking water or milk. Water cleanses the mouth of harmful bacteria, and keeps the entire body hydrated. It also helps with flushing out toxins. Milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D and will boost the health of the teeth and gums.
  • Avoid sticky fruits and starchy foods: Dried fruits have a high percentage of sugar. Starch-rich foods like oatmeal or whole grain pasta will convert into sugar. Remember, any chewable vitamin supplement erodes teeth enamel. Teach children, even if they cannot brush, to swill the mouth well with water after eating or drinking anything.
  • Try to give your children juices and snacks at the same time each day: Never allow them to graze throughout the day. If they do graze, their teeth will never get a break from sugar. Having snacks and drinks only at fixed times during the day will help and it is also important for them to take a water bottle to school every day. A sip or two each hour will increase saliva flow in the mouth and wash away harmful bacteria.
  • Teach kids proper brushing techniques: For good dental health there is no alternative to proper brushing and flossing. In fact, learning the proper techniques is an essential life skill. Usually, children are in a hurry and do not take their time brushing their teeth. But you need to take time to teach these vital skills to your children. Along with brushing all the three surfaces of the teeth, they should also brush their tongue. A dental hygienist in Wimbledon says, “Children must also be taught to rinse the mouth well with water after brushing. This will help remove plaque build-up, keeping teeth sound and healthy.”

Follow these tips and help your children invest in a sound, healthy dental future – free from oral cavities, tooth decay and gum disease.