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Get Your Smile Makeover with Innovative Cosmetic Dentistry

7, Oct, 2015

Get Your Smile Makeover with Innovative Cosmetic Dentistry

Something as simple as having an attractive smile can boost your confidence and self-esteem tenfold. Cosmetic dentistry is a hugely popular and effective treatment for anyone who wants to eradicate imperfections and improve their smile. Confidential Dental Clinic offers expert cosmetic dentistry in London. Our treatments comprise of a wide range of modern techniques capable of transforming your smile into the beautiful one you deserve. We can repair, straighten, whiten your teeth, and more - it’s all possible! Be sure to book your initial consultation with our skilled and friendly dental team today.

What is a cosmetic dentist?

A cosmetic dentist is passionate about the aesthetics of a smile and getting it to look as beautiful as possible. Cosmetic dentists must commit to undertaking extensive further study and research after finishing dental school to become experts in their field. They must keep up to date with the continually evolving world of cosmetic dental treatments and hone their artful ability to create perfect smiles.

What is the difference between cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry?

A restorative dentist’s prime aim is to ensure and improve the oral health of a patient without overly focusing on the appearance of their smile. Alternately, a cosmetic dentist’s work comprises of much more than maintaining oral health and restoring teeth to their correct function. Cosmetic dentists possess attention to detail and a spark of creativity, helping them to understand the desires of the patient and provide them with the smile of their dreams.

What happens at a cosmetic dentistry consultation?

At your initial consultation your dentist will ask you to describe what you like and dislike about your smile. You’ll have a chance to explain what you want to change about your teeth and talk about the treatments you may be interested in. It can be helpful to bring along any photos that can give an idea of how you want your smile to look. Your dentist will also give you a full dental examination to ensure there are no potential underlying health problems. Once your dentist fully understands your needs, he or she will determine the best course of treatment for you. The cost and time-scale will also be explained.

What cosmetic treatments are available?

Teeth whitening

A popular method to brighten smiles, professional teeth whitening can be easily achieved by your dentist or by yourself at home. There are many different treatments available to suit your individual needs, including laser treatments, whitening strips and whitening gels.

Tooth contouring and reshaping

Cosmetic dentists use a drill or a laser to correct a number of defects, such as, chipped, overlapping and pointed teeth. Contouring and reshaping can smooth or reshape teeth, improving the overall appearance of a smile.

Porcelain veneers

Crafted from custom-made, ultra-thin layers of porcelain veneers mimic natural enamel and fit smoothly over the teeth to mask chips, gaps, cracks and other dental imperfections.


With a simple and inexpensive bonding treatment, chipped teeth can be strengthened, shaped and polished by the application a natural-looking, tooth-coloured resin.

Dental implants

A dental implant takes the place of a missing tooth root. Usually made of titanium, the implant provides available structure to attach a crown. Together the implant and crown create a natural-looking replacement for a missing tooth.

Porcelain crowns

If you have tooth damage too severe to be fixed by a veneer, porcelain crowns can replace a larger amount of the tooth structure and repair any damage.

Porcelain bridgework

Missing teeth can be replaced with porcelain bridgework which cleverly mimics the look and function of natural teeth.

Inlays and onlays

When tooth damage is too large for a filling to fix, inlays and onlays are used instead. Made from either porcelain or composite resin, inlays or onlays are cemented or bonded to the teeth and blend in with your natural smile.

Tooth-coloured fillings

Natural-looking fillings seamlessly fit in with your teeth and are virtually unnoticeable. You don’t have to settle for unsightly metal fillings anymore!

Cosmetic gum surgery

Also called gum surgery or tissue resculpting, cosmetic gum surgery can even out the gum line when the gums sit either too high or too low on the teeth. This minor surgery can help a smile look full and even.

Clear orthodontic aligners

Invisible braces are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to straighten their teeth without having to feel self-conscious about wearing traditional metal braces. There are many available types of clear aligners that provide efficient results. The best option for your depends on your individual situation and desired results.

How do I choose a good cosmetic dentist?

The most important factor to be aware of is making sure you’re cosmetic dentist can demonstrate a high level of skill and expertise in the area of treatment you’re interested in. Seek proof of relevant higher education courses and any qualifications they possess to ensure they’re up to date with the latest developments and techniques in cosmetic dentistry. It’s also a good idea to ask for references from previous patients and to look at various before and after photos of cosmetic work they’ve successfully completed in the past.