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Get Straight Teeth in Secret with Incognito Lingual Braces

8, Sep, 2015

Get Straight Teeth in Secret with Incognito Lingual Braces

Tired of your crooked smile, but aren't keen on having unsightly traditional metal "train track" braces? Simply use Incognito braces to secretly straighten your teeth; no one has to know unless you tell them! Our friendly and experienced team at the Wimbledon dental care who are also now proud member of Invisalign Clinic in London, fit patients with innovative invisible braces to discreetly and gently transform smiles. If you want to straighten your teeth with skillful and expert Wimbledon dental care, book an appointment at our practice today!

What are Incognito braces?

Incognito braces are a cutting-edge set of braces that fit over the inside (lingual) surface of your teeth, remaining virtually invisible. Hidden braces provide the same benefits as metal braces and offer the added bonus of not being seen. Although they are more expensive than traditional braces, hidden braces are a popular choice for those who prefer a secret and less-intrusive way to straighten their teeth.

How do lingual braces work?

Once the braces are fitted, the wire arch puts gentle pressure on your teeth to move them into a straight position. A special passive ligation design is also in place to greatly lessen the amount of friction. The low friction and gentle force combine to straighten teeth comfortably and efficiently.

What are the benefits?

Dental health

Straight teeth can greatly improve your oral health; they’re easier to clean and can therefore reduce your chance of developing gum disease and other dental complications in the future.


Most people want to straighten their teeth but aren’t keen on the prospect of having a mouth full of metal. With invisible braces, you can go about your daily life as usual without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed about wearing braces.


Although treatment can take up to two years to complete, patients notice an improvement in only a few months. We also offer Incognito Lite braces to straighten just the front teeth within six months.


Invisible braces use clever low-profile brackets to make them exceptionally comfortable to wear, even when eating and drinking.

How are they fitted?

The braces are custom-made for each patient using the latest computer technology; your brace will be designed and crafted specifically for you to ensure optimum comfort and precise results.

Firstly, your dentist will take accurate impressions of teeth and send them to a laboratory where your unique Incognito braces are created. This can take up to six weeks.

You will need to visit us again to have your braces fitted. Your dentist will use a special cement to bond the braces to the inside of your teeth. This is a painless process that can take up to two hours to complete. Your mouth will be open for long periods of time, but we’ll ensure your comfort every step of the way.

Am I the ideal candidate?

Invisible braces are the perfect choice for anyone who may feel self-conscious with metal braces and wants to keep their treatment a secret. Simply book a consultation with your dentist to talk through your options and learn about the best treatment for you.

How much do braces cost?

The cost of Incognito braces vary from patient to patient, depending on the specificities of your individual needs and current dental health. Your dentist can give you an estimate of the cost during your initial consultation.

What should I expect during treatment?

It’s normal for some patients to experience a degree of tenderness once the braces are first fitted. Chewing may be uncomfortable for a short while, but this will pass as the teeth begin to move. You may also experience a mild speech impediment and some discomfort to your tongue. This, however, won’t last for long since the braces have been specifically designed in a way that encourages the tongue to quickly adapt to the braces.

Are follow-up appointments necessary?

You will also have to visit your dentist every 6-10 weeks to have your braces adjusted and for your treatment to be monitored. The average treatment lasts from 12-24 months. After your treatment you will be fitted with a retainer: a clear, removable appliance that ensures your teeth stay in their new position.

Can I eat normally?

You will be able to eat a wide variety of food, but stay clear of anything that could damage your braces. Avoid toffees, chewing gum, apples and other hard and chewy foods. Give fizzy drinks and fruit juices a rest as they can also harm the success of your treatment.

How do I look after my braces?

It’s important to correctly care for your braces by maintaining a good dental routine that includes regular brushing and flossing. If your brace breaks and a wire or bracket comes off, simply contact your dentist right away to get it fixed. Always follow the advice of your dentist and ensure the success of your treatment by asking questions about anything you’re unsure of.