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17, Sep, 2018

Taking proper care of your oral health and hygiene is very important for all age group. Though seeing a dentist is not something that anyone likes, you are aware of how annoying the dental visit can be for your child. Some of them might suffer from a dental phobia and refuse to visit a dentist even for a normal check-up. If your kid fears in seeing a dentist, check out some advice that might be helpful for him/her.

  • Your dental phobia – Often children learn habits from their parents and if you feel afraid to go to a dentist, chances are that your kid will develop this too. In case you are unable to overcome your anxiety, ask other family members to take your child who is comfortable with the dentist.
  • Early oral care – Bringing your kid to the dentist when he/she is only one year will inculcate positive attitude in them and help them to gain confidence. According to the studies, it has been found that children who go to a dental clinic at an early stage usually have less anxiety and fear in them. Thus, they will feel relaxed when going to a dentist for their routine check-ups.
  • Play dentist and patient game – Parents can always start the game of dentist and patient with their child to help them know the importance of dental care. This approach can help your child to get accustomed to those basic procedures that they may encounter like a simple check-up and answering questions of the dentist for improved dental health.
  • Kids should not get surprised – Being a parent, you should inform your kid about the scheduled appointment with the dentist in advance. If you think you feel like you should surprise them, there are higher chances that he/she will get irritated and feel nervous. They might even not agree to see the dentist for their check-ups. This will make any kind of dental treatment more difficult and the dentist might not be able to do it successfully. You need to tell them everything much ahead of time and ask any queries that they may have.
  • Try to be honest – Though you should not go into lots of details about any type of dental procedures being performed like a tooth extraction or similar ones, it is important that you learn to be honest to your child. If the dentist performs some other treatment at the office, chances are that your kid will become more tensed and might want to run away. Do not use words that can bring anxiety and fear in the mind of your child.

It is advised that you fix regular appointments for your kid with the dentist. This will make the visits become a part of a daily routine and help them to overcome the dental phobia. You may visit SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic and talk to our child-friendly Wimbledon dentists who ensure that your child will be treated with utmost care when he/she undergoes any dental procedure or even visits the dental clinic for normal check-ups.