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14, Mar, 2018

A Smile makeover is the combination of various dental treatments to improve overall appearance and make your smile more attractive.  This cosmetic dentistry treatment and will have you working closely with your dentist at SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic to attain your desired smile and results. Your cosmetic dentist will assess your facial structure, overall health and current oral health. This allows them to create a tailored treatment plan for to achieve the best results.


Smile makeover in London involves one visit to replace your amalgam fillings with composite fillings. It might involve replacing your missing teeth with bridges, implants, or partial dentures. If you are having gummy smile, your dentist may remove gum tissue as uneven gum lines can be corrected with this surgery.

The procedure involves one or several visits to the dentist, but some steps involved are:

An initial consultation is needed with your dentist to know how you can change or improve the shape, colour or position of tooth.

He will conduct thorough examination of your gums, teeth, bite and bone, and then perform X-rays of your mouth.  If you have oral problems such as misaligned bite or gum disease, then contact your dentist to get them treated before proceeding with cosmetic dentistry procedures.

  • The dentist will discuss about your customised treatment plan for the perfect smile.
  • The preliminary work to prepare your teeth for crowns, veneers is done and temporary restorations are affixed for your beautiful smile.
  • You will have to go for routine checkups with your dentist to evaluate temporary restorations for position, color, and contour.
  • The laboratory work will be done by the expert if porcelain restorations are needed.
  • The final dental work involves placing permanent restorations for your dazzling smile.

After the treatment is done, it is important to maintain your oral health for a long lasting and bright smile. For this you will have to practice good dental habits and see your dentist for routine checkups and mouth cleanings.

The time needed for smile makeover will depend on your cosmetic goals and the treatments you want to perform.  It may take as little as one day or a year or more to regain your smile.

Your brighter smile will not only improve your emotional well-being but also confidence level. Both your personal as well as professional life will improve and you may be willing to interact with new people and engage yourself in various social activities. Contact Wimbledon Dental advanced dentistry today where the experts can suggest effective tips to maintain your smile and overall appearance.