Problem of Tooth Cavities in Children
  December 11, 2017

Dentists Overcome the Problem of Tooth Cavities in Children

Milk teeth are the first set of teeth that your child will have during birth. However, they will lose them as the adult teeth begin to develop that ensures the new teeth grow properly with sufficient space. It is important to maintain proper oral hygiene as the baby teeth begins to come in and you should teach your child good dental habits from an early age. Despite your efforts, you will find that kids suffer from tooth cavities. It is necessary to look after cavity care of your baby as it is similar to that of adults. You may consult with your dentist in Wimbledon and get some effective tips to prevent the problem of tooth cavities for your child.

Baby teeth get fillings

Although baby teeth are not the permanent ones, your child will have that set of teeth for some years till the adult teeth comes in. The dentist drills out tooth cavities and crowns them to preserve dental health of the child. The primary teeth allow adult teeth to develop and so, losing your primary teeth before they come out automatically is not good for permanent teeth of the child.

Tooth decay filling

Baby teeth fillings are usually made of metal or white composite. As metal fillings are believed to be a good choice, they require lesser time to put in and are inexpensive when compared to composite ones. It is a wise decision to select an affordable option for a tooth that falls out eventually as your child might not like the idea of metal filling.

The dentist drills tooth decay from the baby teeth, as needed. Based on the damage caused by cavity, the dentist will fill the tooth or create a crown. Parents should teach their kids to continue good oral habits when caring for crowns or fillings.

Tooth decay may occur again

Although the dentist makes an effort to prevent or remove tooth decay, sometimes the problem might arise again. Teeth that have cavities in between them have a higher chance of recurrence of this issue than teeth with cavities on the exposed area. In case tooth decay reoccurs, your dentist will be replacing the filling to look after new decay and re-fill the tooth.

Dental fear may be the reason for crowns and fillings

Tooth decay is actually one reason why your child may require fillings. If they have dental trauma that has caused the crack, a filling is needed in that case. Other problems are improperly shaped teeth, chipped teeth and underdeveloped teeth. Your dentist may choose crowns on both the front and back teeth instead of fillings as crown provide proper correction to the misshapen or damaged tooth than fillings.

Are you worried about the first filling of your child? If yes, then it is advised to visit SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic where the dentists will take care of the oral needs of your kid and help them with improved health. By taking your child to the dentist for routine checkups and professional teeth cleanings, you actually help him/her to overcome the dental phobia since childhood.

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