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13, Feb, 2017

The month of February is on and with it starts the time of love and compassion. People go out on dates and romantic getaways with their partners for Valentine’s day. However, not every date ends up well. Do you know the reason behind it? It can be anything from understanding or compatibility issues. Apart from these, poor dental hygiene can also affect your romantic evening. If you have a problem of bad breath or dry mouth, the very thought of getting close can be hesitating. Is it still confusing for you to understand how oral health can affect your love life? Well then keep reading the blog for detailed information.


Bad breath or halitosis is a common oral problem that affects a large number of people. You might have a bad mouth due to lack of water intake at times, but that goes away soon. In case it continuous longer, it can be a symptom of a serious dental issue such as dry mouth (xerostomia), gum disease, etc. The root cause of these problems is poor dental hygiene. Another reason behind it can be your food habits, but this is not always prominent in these cases.


It is not that difficult to get over the problem of halitosis easily. If you take steps at the right time, you can stop it from exceeding further. Read on to know some good oral habits as a solution.

  • Clean your mouth at least two twice a day. Oral hygienists suggest you brush your teeth, tongue and gums daily; once in the morning and again before going to bed. Wipe the bacteria accumulated on the back of your tongue with a tongue cleaner. An unclean mouth is a breeding area for bacteria that can cause bad breath and decay problems.
  • Remember flossing your mouth every day. It enables you to remove the food remains between your teeth and places your brush cannot reach. Use soft string floss and clean around your teeth and below gum line.
  • Try brushing and flossing after each meals. If this is not always possible, adapt a habit of drinking enough water after meals to clean your mouth. You can also chew sugar free chewing gums as an alternative.
  • Visit a dentist for regular checkups to keep a track of your oral health. You should find a dentist in your area in Wimbledon. He/she will perform regular cleanings to help you maintain a fresh and clean mouth.   
  • Reduce smoking, alcohol and any other form of tobacco consumption. All of them can cause halitosis and dry mouth. Consult your hygienist for suitable and easy ways to quit tobacco.

Now that you know a lot about bad breath and ways to eliminate it, you should take care of your oral health in Valentine’s day 2017. You shouldn’t worry about the problem of halitosis, it can be treated with a suitable treatment by skilled dentists at Confidental Dental Clinic.