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13, Nov, 2017

The success of any business does not depend upon implementing the right strategies alone. Factors like employee benefit and wellbeing also plays a crucial role in making a business an attractive workplace. The British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy conducted a study recently, to understand the reality of the country’s oral health sector. Here’re some facts uncovered by the report:

  • According to the BSDHT report, almost 4,15,000 citizens miss at least a day’s work every year, because of toothache. Thus, dentist appointments compel the UK economy to withstand a loss of £36.6 million on a yearly basis. Every taxpayer has to pay off his or her part to cover up the loss.
  • Private dental charges are grossly unregulated. Thus, the amount for a same treatment varies widely from clinic to clinic. Because of this exorbitant and unregulated pricing, a large number of Brits avoid seeking any dental treatment, even if they need it very badly.
  • Presently, dental coverage is the single most important element in any competitive employee benefit package. It is the top-most item on any employee’s wish-list. Employees from the organised sector not only appreciate this but also utilise their cover to lead a healthy and longer life.
  • A prominent Wimbledon Dentist points out that when employees are covered on their oral health, they go for routine and regular check-ups. This helps spotting any major or minor issue at its initial stages. Thus, the treatment becomes less complicated and expensive. The chances of recovery are also much brighter as a result. The members of the workforce don’t need to stay back from work or avail medical leave on toothache or other dental issues.

With the increasing push towards privatisation of the NHS an attractive Dental plan can help you secure higher quality employees. If you are joining a business as an employee don’t be afraid to try and include it in your contract, it can be handled in multiple ways such as split costs or fixed upper limits per year.