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Benefits of Overbite Correction at the Right Age

19, Sep, 2016

Your smile needs proper care and attention to bring out its full potential. The urge to obtain a perfect smile is natural for teenagers and adults alike. But, caring is not just enough, if you have problems of misalignment, overbites or crooked teeth, you might not have the smile you always wished for. These problems require special orthodontic treatment which helps correct the imperfections and render you a shinier and attractive smile. There is always a right time for everything and similarly there is a time when orthodontics proves to be most beneficial. Read on to know about the significance of treating teeth problems at the suitable time.

Teeth misalignment problems – Malocclusion

The word ‘malocclusion’ is derived from the term ‘occlusion’ which means teeth alignment. Malocclusion is an antonym of the term that refers to misalignment of teeth. There are various types of misalignment deviations which includes overbite, crossbites, under bite, open bite, etc. these types are categorised into different class. Class one of malocclusion is for the normal bite that overlaps slightly over the lower teeth. Class two is for a severe overbite and three for a serious underbite. Overbite is a common type of misalignment in teenagers and adults. It is recommended to go for overbite correction with orthodontic treatment.

Causes of Overbite

  • Genetics
  • Uneven jaw line
  • Prolonged thumb-sucking and bottle-feeding
  • Under developed lower jaw and over developed upper jaw

The treatment procedure

Orthodontics is the most suitable treatment for overbite which if carried at a younger age, ensuring better and authentic results. Your orthodontist will first examine your jaw position and alignment to decide which treatment will be most appropriate. Following the examination, x-rays and impressions of your teeth will be taken for further process. Your impressions will help the dental expert to formulate right set of braces to correct malocclusion. The form of the braces is based upon the level of correction required. The time period for the treatment may vary from one to two years with use of elastic bands.

Though there is no certified age limit for orthodontic treatment, it is easier to treat overbites at a young age as compared to a teenager or adult. You can contact with dentist at Confidental Dental Clinic in Wimbledon to avail the treatment for your child to avoid future problems of malocclusions.