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6, Feb, 2017

An electronic cigarette is a device that delivers nicotine flavored vapor. During the initial years, it was marketed as a healthier option as compared to normal cigarettes. This led to the rise in the popularity of these items rapidly the world over. However, in recent studies and research are conducted on e-cigarettes. This revealed that this alternative option is not as healthy as it claimed to be. There are many side effects to the continuous use of this electronic device ranging from health issues to dental problem.

This device releases a variable amount of nicotine and harmful toxins that are much similar to that of a normal cigarette. It initiates the same kind and amount of inflammation that might lead to the damage of tooth. It later develops into cancer, as this condition starts with the inflammation of cells and tissues.   


The battery heats up the device when you take a puff on one end of the device. This heat reaches the nicotine that creates a vapor which is inhaled and passed to the lungs through the respiratory system. Finally, smoke is generated in the lungs and mouth without actually smoking.


There are no laws that prohibit the use of this device in public places and this led to its increased usage. Some of the positive aspects of are:

  • It can help in reducing the urge of smoking in a person.
  • Various health risks are reduced due to the usage of this device.
  • It helped many people to quit smoking and maintain it for at least 6 months.


There are two sides of every story and thus there are few negative aspects of this product as well. Some of the cons are as follows:

  • Though it was marketed as a healthy alternative to the normal cigarettes, it does not completely live up to this claim. There are many health issues associated with the continuous usage of this product.
  • Due to the presence of nicotine, it leads to various oral issues, much the same as smoking.

This product is continuing to grow its sale among various people from all age groups, as it is perceived as a healthier choice. However, based on the recent studies and research conducted on this device these claims are not completely true. Chemicals used in these products have adverse effects on the overall health and mostly disturb oral health. There are many dentists in Merton High St, Wimbledon who offer a wide range of treatments and dental treatments that can help in maintain a good oral health.  

It is necessary to know that it contains nicotine that contributes to gum disease and many dental problems. To make things worse it even damages the cells and tissues present in the mouth. This product contains a battery, a cartridge that holds liquid mostly nicotine and a heating device. The effects are quite similar to that of any normal cigarette.