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30, Jan, 2018

Emergency dentistry is a crucial service and every oral health clinic makes utmost effort to provide this to their patient base. In order to make this possible, dental experts and their support stuffs have to stretch themselves beyond the normal business hours. There’s no way, for both patients and the professionals, to know beforehand when such an emergency will arrive. And such cases are usually very painful.

Considering these facts, read on to know some emergency dental care tips, that can minimise a patient’s pain and suffering to a considerable extent.


Toothaches may start right out of the blues and at times, can really be painful. It may kick off at the middle of the night, leaving you the option of rushing to your dental healthcare provider. Just don’t panic, rather follow any of the solutions discussed below:

  • Soak a cotton ball in vanilla, lemon, peppermint or almond extract and place it neatly right at the location of the pain. Let the ball remain there for some time and meanwhile, you practice some deep breathing. In a short time, either the pain will wither away or will become much bearable.
  • There’re certain oils that prove useful in tooth pain relief. These include sesame, clove, sunflower, oregano, nutmeg and the oil extracted from tea plant. Anti-inflammatory property of these oils helps reducing nasty tooth aches. Mix a little amount of any of these oils with water and rinse the mouth well with the mixture. You may also take a spoonful of the oil and swish it in the mouth for say 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Green leaves and fresh roots prove effective in providing 24 hour emergency dental care. Maintain fresh stock of peppermint leaves and roots of ginger and garlic at home. These plant parts not only have antibacterial properties but also anti-inflammatory effect to provide you relief from your problem.
  • Citrus fruits like lemon and lime are sour and a great source for vitamin C. Do you know, these fruits can also give your relief from tooth pain? The high concentration of vitamin C and citric acid present in them help destroying the harmful bacteria. Cut any of the fruits in tiny pieces, place a slice at the affected area and slowly bite into it.
  • Lukewarm saline water is a great tooth pain-killer. In fact, this therapy has been in use for centuries across different cultures. This solution helps clearing away the fluid, deposited in the gum and the tooth root, which causes the pain. Mix a tablespoon-full of any iodized table salt to a glass of moderately warm water. Stir the mixture well before rinsing the mouth with it.

Whenever you experience sudden pain in the tooth, follow the tips discussed above instead of wondering where to go for emergency dental care. Remember, anxiety and panic will only help increase your suffering.