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Wimbledon Dentist - Confidental Dental Clinic

We are here at Confidental Dental Clinic, the team of professional dentists in Wimbledon, provide a wide range of dental treatments to all our patients. Our expert cosmetic and general dentists are confident of bring your dream smile back. Whether you are in Wimbledon, South Wimbledon or near areas, get in touch with our dentist to make an appointment. All your dental concerns and aspirations will be evaluated with exceptional care from a team with an enviable success rate. The fantastic results of our advanced treatments have made our dental suite one of the leading clinics in restorative dentistry and smile makeovers for our patients.

Comfortable Procedures at Our Dental Practice in Wimbledon

Confidental Dental Clinic The advanced dental treatments are offered at our Dental Clinic in Wimbledon, are made as comfortable as possible by our highly skilled dentists, with administration of suitable anaesthetics. Our Wimbledon dentists are dedicated to providing the finest dental care services to all our patients, and cater for:

We welcome patients from all areas of Wimbledon. Through experience in the dental field, we have developed a system to personalise our patient's treatment plans to ensure the effectiveness of their procedures.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Prevantative Dentistry


Teeth Whitening



"From having terrible teeth and being too self-conscious to smile I have gone to having near perfect teeth and it has given me far more confidence. The treatment was only slightly uncomfortable and nowhere near as bad as I feared. David approach was very gentle and no fear for dentist any more. Thank you"
Bob Lomas, Wimbledon

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