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15, May, 2018

Nowadays young adults undergo wisdom teeth removal surgery either in the late teens or early twenties to prevent the problem of teeth crowding or serious infection in future. However, many adults who do not suffer from pain due to teeth overcrowding will prefer not to extract the problematic teeth until it is actually needed. In case you are suffering from severe pain, it is advised to consult with the dentist for an urgent appointment and find out if your wisdom teeth had been infection and need to be removed immediately.


While dealing with different dental complications, the suitable time to remove wisdom teeth will vary from one person to the other. Oral problems usually differ to a great extent among patients. For example, a patient might need to get the wisdom teeth extracted before undergoing any kind of orthodontic treatment. On the other hand, others might wait till the orthodontic treatment is done. Your dental surgeon will evaluate the right strategy that can help in getting the most effective result for your oral imperfections.

Another factor is the age and oral health of the patient.  Wisdom tooth extractions are easy for young patients and the area typically heals quickly at the early age.  Thus, if you can deal with your wisdom teeth problem early, then this often prevents dental problems such as abscesses, infections, tumors and cysts.  Hence, it can be advantageous to extract wisdom teeth before getting invisible braces or Invisalign treatment.

When it is time to decide whether you should remove wisdom teeth before or after the orthodontic procedure, it should not be left in any case.  It is advised to seek advice of a dental expert after performing thorough examination of your teeth and mouth.  You may visit SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic where the dedicated team of experienced professionals can help in removing wisdom teeth with cheap Invisalign treatment in Wimbledon and solving your oral complications. Our experts use advanced dental technologies to gain proper insight on how wisdom teeth can have an impact on your oral health condition.