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Quick and Cost Effective Teeth Straightening Treatments

29, Aug, 2016

Crooked or damaged can often make you self-conscious. Thankfully advancements in modern orthodontic offer a solution to all major dental problems. Orthodontics treatment involves a process of teeth straightening with braces. Braces may vary in types giving you a chance to choose the right one for your needs. The different types of braces are associated with different straightening methods such as six month smiles, incognito lingual braces, and inman clear aligners. Read on to know how these treatments can help you straighten your precious gems and give them the shape you always wished for.

Six month smiles

Six month smiles are a discreet way which involves clear braces to fix the problem of crooked and misaligned teeth. It constitutes of tooth-coloured wires and clear six month braces which move the teeth gradually, to the intended position. A major benefit of this type of braces is that they are hardly visible, so they don’t affect your appearance. In six months you get the desired results without putting on any metal brackets. Though the treatment time is not fixed, it varies from person to person but the average period is six months.

Incognito lingual braces

Another advanced method is Incognito lingual braces. This is a modern technique to straighten or move misaligned teeth with fixed appliances. These are lingual braces which fit on the inner side of the teeth. This makes them virtually invisible and won’t affect your day to day life. The lingual braces are not restricted for a particular age. This method is a quick and cost effective way over conventional braces.

Inman clear aligners

Inman clear aligner is a set of aligners that go across the surface of your teeth. It is a great solution for crowded and protruded teeth. The aligners are removable and cost effective. You can remove them whenever needed and can also fix them back easily. It can treat severe cases of misalignment in a short period of time giving positive results. The aligner is custom-made based on the protrusion and crowing of the concerned patient. The main advantage of Inman aligners are the results it produces in a very short period.

All the three procedures are easy and quick ways of teeth straightening depending on the level of misalignment, crookedness or protrusion of the patient. At Confidental Dental Clinic our affordable local dentist in Wimbledon, offers all the above-mentioned treatments as per the patient’s need. You get effective outcome without any effect on your appearance and smile as is the case with conventional braces.