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Importance of Thorough Dental Care during Your Pregnancy

30, Nov, 2016

Pregnancy is the most crucial phase in the life of any woman. During this entire phase, one goes through a series of complex psychological and physiological changes. It is important to remember that these physiological changes can negatively affect one’s oral health. It is an undeniable fact that your dental health is the key to your overall physical wellbeing. Therefore, things boil down to a simple fact. During the days of pregnancy, you need to undergo preventive and restorative oral treatments to bolster safety for both you and your young one inside.

Dental care before pregnancy

According to statistics, the majority of pregnant women suffer from various periodontal problems and thus, require undergoing gum disease treatments. However, dental specialists in Wimbledon opine that instead of undergoing dental care during pregnancy, you should start taking care of your teeth and gums from a time much before it. This will decrease your chances of getting succumed to the common oral problems during that eventful phase of life.

However, dental check-ups during pregnancy will vary greatly as compared to pre or psot pregnancy phases of life. When you are conceived, you should follow the tips given below while visiting an oral health practice, to secure better dental health for you and securing your pregnancy.

Dental check-ups during pregnancy

Reveal the news of your pregnancy to your dentist on the very first available opportunity. This will help the professional to take proper care of you.

As such, there is no reason why you cannot undergo routine oral care during pregnant stage. However, you should withhold any elective dental treatment during that ten-month period.

Your dentist should also have thorough knowledge about all the medicines that you are taking, along with the respective dosages. This should also include the prenatal vitamins that your general physician has recently prescribed. As such, based on this information, your dentist may modify your oral treatment plan.

Latest technology used in conducting X-ray, shields you and your foetus better from the harmful effects of radiation of the ray. In other words, you can easily undergo oral X-rays while you are pregnant.

Do not ignore routine oral checkups

You should not ignore your routine oral check-ups while you are pregnant. You need to give thorough care to your mouth during those days because hormonal changes in your body during the phase makes you exposed to gingivitis. Patients suffering from this condition experience tenderness, swelling and even bleeding from the gums. This condition can have adverse effect on your baby’s health in course of time.

As a Londoner, you can book your appointment with a dentist in Wimbledon at Confidental Dental Clinic to secure the best possible care for both you and your baby. However, it is important to remember to see your obstetrician along with keeping your dental appointments to be on the safer side.

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