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9, Jun, 2018

Do you feel embarrassed or self-conscious about the dark spots on the teeth? No one is born with the perfect set of white teeth and such problem usually occurs due to improper dental care. Some people have a darker shade while others have brighter one. As we tend to grow old, the shade of teeth seems to turn duller and darker. Unfortunately, many people suffer from tooth discolouration in which your natural teeth shade changes into yellow, brown or spotted. Even though it is a minor or major problem, tooth discolouration can be the reason for embarrassment and prevents you from smiling in public. Read to know how dentists at SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic can help in treating such oral problems.

  • Dark spots – You may find some dark spots on the teeth even after practicing good dental habits. Though they are not considered to be any dental emergency, you should still see a dentist for dealing teeth whitening in Wimbledon with the situation. Proper brushing, flossing daily and routine checks ups from your dentist are necessary to maintain a happy and healthy smile.
  • Tooth cavities – One of the reasons for tooth discolorations is tooth cavities. They tend to develop dark spot that can lead to tooth decay. There are different ways for treating cavities and our dentist will help you to find the right method, depending on the severity of the cavity.
  • Interior stains – There are some stains that occur inside the tooth. These intrinsic stains usually occur for taking some medicines or exposure to higher levels of fluoride.  With teeth whitening, you can get rid of interior stains only. However, it is better to change medications or use a cosmetic dental solution such as veneer for such dental problem.
  • Surface stains – Certain amount of tea, coffee, chocolate, tobacco and alcohol can be the reason for stains on the tooth enamel. It is advised to follow good oral hygiene habits in order to prevent such stains that can lead to damage to your teeth and mouth. Besides, a teeth whitening done by professionals can help to keep the tooth surface free from stains and spots.
  • Dental trauma – If you have experienced a painful mouth injury, then there is a chance that dark spots can occur. In case of damage to nerve tissue, you might face grey or brown tooth discoloration. The dentist will apply some bleaching material on the tooth or place a crown when the tooth turns dark after performing root canal therapy. If the tooth seems to get chipped, cracked or damaged severely, then your dentist might place a crown or a veneer.

You can visit our dental practice in Wimbledon where the dentists can spot out your oral problems and suggest the right treatment for getting them solved soon. This way, you can fix dark spots, discolorations and stains with utmost care from dental experts.