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24, Jan, 2018

The New Year is underway and life is back to normality, now is the time to take charge of one’s life through some sincere resolutions. The public trend in London shows, an increasing number of people, cutting across age groups, are making resolutions to stay fitter and stronger in the upcoming year. As such, there’s no doubt that health is the major concern of the present-day society. This ongoing trend provides the ideal circumstance to boost your oral health.

Here’s a set of 4 great tips for you to ensure better health for your teeth and gums in the coming year. According to a prominent dental expert, these tips will also help you stay away from oral healthcare clinics to a large extent.

  • Brush with greater  care and commitment: Brushing the teeth is the basic step to oral care and hygiene. You should brush for about 2 minutes, using the proper technique, every day. In fact, all of your family members too should follow this advice. Use a manual brush and hold it at 45 degree angle to your gum line. Apply gentle force and clean the tongue too while brushing the teeth. Do not forget to replace your toothbrush after every 3 to 4 months.
  • Floss regularly: Using the dental floss, in the proper way, once every day is effective to maintain a healthy smile. If you’ve not been flossing recently, it may turn out to be painful and even result in bleeding gums. These are normal side-effects and the bleeding will automatically stop after a week or two. In case, it continues, you should visit your oral healthcare provider without any delay.
  • Stick to a healthy diet: Your diet is the key to your health and wellbeing. Stick to a healthy diet, which includes fresh fruits, green vegetables, milk and milk products. You also need to drink adequate amount of water every day to keep the teeth and the gums healthy. Cut down on sugary drinks and foods, excessive coffee and wine. Brush and rinse the mouth well, right after every sugary substance you consume. Focus more on having various nuts and food items that contain antioxidants to boost the health quotient of your gums.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: A healthy lifestyle is helpful to maintain a healthy mouth. If you’re into the habit of smoking, it’s about time you quit for a plethora of reasons! It stains the teeth, damages the gum tissues and may even lead to oral or lung cancer. Even chewing nails or lips affects one’s dental health by damaging the tooth enamel. Coming out of these habits is an uphill task. But, that is what your New Year resolution must be about.

An experience dentist suggests you to follow the above tips to keep your teeth and gums normal and healthy. Remember a simple equation – just as your overall health condition is reflected in your oral health, your dental condition also affects your overall health and physical wellbeing.